LPI coaching for White Leaders

What can I do? A coaching course for White leaders who want to address racism.

Globally, White people are asking: "What can I do?". With the recent world protests, many of us want to show our support. Yet, many of us feel scared that we do not know enough. We think to ourselves; I would like to get involved but I do not want to be offensive due to my ignorance. As leaders, we often need a private space to learn how to address racism, as white people - a place where we can ask questions and be supported to build our confidence to act. As a white person myself, I know it is sometimes easier to talk with another white person about our ignorance and fear of doing this work.

In this coaching course, you will learn that you are not alone, that your questions are being asked by many, and that your concerns can be addressed. Each module will take you through learnings that are common for White people who want to learn about themselves, and who wish to take responsible action.

This is a coaching course that guides you through course instruction and personal coaching, including the use of readings, informative videos, and critical reflection between sessions. The LPI Critical Reflective Practice Model is used throughout for your reflection, learning, and professional development.

In this coaching course, you will be supported to address racism. You will have the opportunity to find your avenue to create change, including within your work environment. You will be supported to develop an action plan, with individualized coaching, customized to your needs.

Additional coaching can be added to include 24/7 availability, along with specific strategies to address the realities of your everyday job, including situations you might be struggling with. An evaluation process that measures performance change, is included. A certificate of completion is provided.

Course Modules

  • Section 1: Working with our discomfort
  • Section 2: Building a posture of humility
  • Section 3: Building our analysis on racism
  • Section 4: Learning ways we can act as white people to address racism

Course duration

  • 6 hours in session - instruction/coaching
  • 6 hours between sessions - recommended readings/videos and critical reflection