LPI Critical Reflective Practice Training

How do we know if we are living our values and the mission of our workplace? Our practice happens moment-by-moment. Critical Reflective Practice helps us reflect on assumptions informing our practice which includes how we engage with others and our decision-making process. LPI Critical Reflective Practice integrates equity, trauma Informed, relationship building and leadership perspectives, with the goal of providing an integrative approach to meet the complex needs of your setting.

Critical Reflective Practice is a process where we examine how assumptions operate in our daily practice in ways that keep us distant from our stated goals, individually, organizationally and in community. Reflecting on these assumptions can support you and your organization in transformative action, to improve your professional practice and setting.

The LPI Critical Reflective Practice Model is used to help staff reflect on themselves and organization for transformational change. With the LPI Critical Reflective Practice Model that includes a series of reflective tools, staff learn how to integrate principles of equity, trauma informed practice, relationship building, and leadership with a focus on a direct application to their job.

LPI Critical Reflective Practice helps you and your organization live out your values and mission, creating a nurturing culture, with effective policies and practices for humanized care and a humanized work environment. The LPI Critical Reflective Practice approach is portable to all areas of work and for all levels of staff.

LPI Approach

LPI takes a Critical Reflective Practice approach, valuing adult education principles. LPI specializes in providing an application-based focus, to help participants meet the expectations of their specific job.

LPI works collaboratively with the project leads to customize the training, to ensure the identified learning needs are met. LPI is committed to providing the right training for what is required and will develop a customized workbook for your staff, based on your specific needs.

LPI offers consultation and coaching for the implementation of the principles and practices learned in your LPI Training and Coaching.