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To prevent and address human rights violation in the workplace

Using the LPI Critical Reflective Practice Model, we provide training and coaching that integrates human rights and trauma-shame informed practice for all levels of organizational practice.

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Human Rights Investigations

External Investigations for the workplace

LPI human rights investigations are ideal for any workplace that requires an external investigator, for violations of organizational policy, and the Ontario Human Rights code.

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Supporting organizations to meet their highest values and standards of practice.

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Meet our Founders

Dianne Prevatt-Hyles MSW, Adv. Dip. Dianne Prevatt-Hyles
MSW, Adv. Dip.


Dianne Prevatt-Hyles MSW, Adv. Dip.

Dianne Prevatt-Hyles MSW, Adv. Dip.


Dianne Prevatt-Hyles MSW, Adv. Dip. is the co-founder of Liberation Practice International (LPI) Inc. She worked for 23 years as a School Social Worker for the Toronto Catholic School Board, where she created social work frameworks and approaches to address the needs and concerns of diverse populations. She also taught at York School of Social Work for 10 years and provided equity and leadership workshops for 40 + years in Canada and internationally. Dianne has worked extensively with marginalized communities, particularly with the African Canadian community. Dianne co-wrote the LPI Critical Reflective Practice Model from her many years of practice/theory experience. Today Dianne shares her wisdom as an African Canadian Elder, as she supports many anti-Black racism change initiatives in Ontario, including child welfare, where she helped develop the Aunties and Uncles Program for Black children and youth in care, and the African Canadian Service Delivery Model.

Jana Vinsky MSW, RSW Jana Vinsky


Jana Vinsky MSW, RSW

Jana Vinsky MSW, RSW


Jana Vinsky MSW, RSW is the co-founder of Liberational Practice International (LPI).

Jana has been supporting organizations for over 30 years to meet human rights standards. She also taught nine social work courses at Toronto Metropolitan University and was the Anti-Oppression Practice Lead for a large child welfare organization.

Jana worked as a social worker in frontline, management and on a provincial level. Jana led the development of a service delivery model to address disproportionality and disparities facing African Canadians in child welfare. She also led the development of a program that helps match Black children and youth in foster care with adult "aunties and uncles" from their communities to help youth stay connected to their culture and learn life skills relevant to their social context. As well, she developed the Equity Integration Advisory Group at the Ontario Association of Social Workers, which was pivotal in the monumental transformation of the organization.

Jana is trained in Narrative Therapy through a three-year externship program, where she advanced the LPI model. She is a Clinical Traumatologist and certified Shame Informed Treatment Specialist (CSTS). Jana believes human rights education and coaching is best done with a trauma-shame informed approach. She holds the Osgood Certificate in Human Rights for Education Professionals and the MIT Advanced Certificate in Applied Human Rights.

Why choose us?


LPI services includes the LPI Critical Reflective Practice Model to equip participants to integrate equity, trauma-shame informed practice, leadership and relationship building principles into their daily work.


Through experiential learning, reflection, and collaborative dialogue, participants share wisdom and develop action plans. Participants also gain tools and insight for personal growth, organizational and community development, and improved service delivery.


LPI supports individuals, communities, and organizations to live their mission, vision, values, and standards of practice to provide humanized care, safe practice, and to achieve practice excellence.

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